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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Your new story starts today

Are you ready for  change?

As your mindSource clinical hypnotherapist I provide a range of services to help you feel confidence, support you to overcome your challenges or accelerate your strengths. I work with clients helping them achieve their goals and find balance in all aspects of their life. Get in touch and experience the difference.

BA(hons),MBA, CMgr FCMI, AfSFH, HPD, CNHC (reg.)  NBMP (reg.) MNCH (reg) DBS checked, fully insured.

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Popular Hypnotherapy Services

Let’s Work Together

Personalised solution focused hypnotherapy

Fast, effective, forward focused

Do you want to release your inner potential, be more resilient, thrive and create maximum change and impact, I work with you to create a personalised solution focused hypnotherapy practice that is a powerful and effective way to maximise your potential.

Solution focused hypnotherapy signature programs

Effective 4 - 8 weeks to champion

Whether its a fear or phobia holding you back, or you want to take your life from average to stellar. Benefit from a selection of fixed length programs, designed to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and help you sleep better, allowing you to access your inner potential and be your authentic self.

Smoking or vaping cessation

Break free

At mindSource we specializing in smoking cessation, we are committed to helping people achieve their goals of breaking the cycle of tobacco and nicotine dependence. We work together to implement effective strategies that will help you control the urges that come with addiction, ultimately improving your health and quality of life. With my quick and long-lasting solutions, you can experience the freedom that comes with quitting smoking or vaping.

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Preparing to Serve

Sports performance

Becoming limitless

At mindSource we focus on sports performance,  helping you achieve the results you've been working so hard to attain. Our unique approach focuses on improving performance and giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed. Through personalized sessions, we'll work together to sharpen your focus, increase your attention, and give you a clearer vision of your goals.

Eating Acai

Weight loss

For a Better Tomorrow

At mindSource we understand that losing weight can be a daunting task. That’s why our weight loss program is designed to help you achieve your goals in a healthy way. Through working together, we’ll develop new habits and create a lifestyle that helps you feel energized and motivated to exercise. Together, we’ll remove bad habits and create new ones that stick.

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Woman Sleeping


Awake refreshed & revitalised

At mindSource we specialize in helping those who suffer from insomnia. Using a variety of techniques designed to help you relax and fall asleep fast, so you can enjoy a restful and regenerative sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, without the burden of overthinking keeping you up all night.
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Freedom from within

Our phobia therapy at mindSource offers a safe and effective way to overcome your fears. We provide a tailored approach that allows you to stay in control and live a relaxed life free from phobia. Let our experienced therapists guide you towards freedom from your fears and take the first step towards a better life. From flying, needles & spiders to holes, velvet and envelopes, hypnotherapy can help.

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Calm your inner critic

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you release anxiety, improve self-confidence, and remove barriers that are holding you back from being authentic you. With a focus on solutions, this approach can help you create a new you that is empowered and confident. Let's work together to achieve your goals and unlock full potential.

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Services for groups, clubs & organisations

Whether you are group of friends or an organisation mindSource can provide a single session to a series of sessions for fun or empowerment.

Nature Girl

Inner Goddess

Wanting to add a different event to your hen-do or party, our Goddess session is 90 minutes of fun to bring our your inner goddess with an empowering hypnotherapy  - please contact to discuss

Football Player

Team Building  

Get to work together smarter, with this stress relieving, goal focused session.  With employee & personal well fare and mental health becoming increasingly talked about hypnotherapy can play a part in helping you achieve your goals.  These group sessions are specific to your goals and ambition, to leave you stress free and  feeling motivated . Please contact to discuss.

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Hypnotherapy has a wide range of uses and can support and compliment other practices. We are always looking to partner with other therapist and offer reciprocal therapy or concierge solutions to clients. Please contact to discuss your ideas and how we can bring them to life.


The main way I’ve grown my business is through recommendations, and it pleases me to know that so many clients are satisfied with my services. Read some of the testimonials and reviews below, and get in touch if you’d like to submit your own.

I went to see Jo in March to undergo hypnotherapy treatment for giving up vaping. Having given up smoking several months earlier it seemed to me that I had replaced one addiction with another with the vape being constantly in my mouth.
With slight trepidation I went for my session not really knowing what to expect but immediately Jo put me at ease and explained the process in full to me. When the session started I drifted into what can only be compared to a light trance where I was aware of words spoken to me but I was also totally relaxed throughout.
After the session I was sent a relaxation sound recording which I listened to quite a lot in the first couple of weeks which was very good for relaxation and refocusing.
It has now been 12 months since I had my hypnotherapy session and it’s as if I never vaped before. I don’t miss it at all! I would highly recommend any treatments you are thinking of trying as Jo is kind, thorough and totally professional and as stated gave me the result that I was hoping for.

Pauline from Leighton Buzzard

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