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Smoking & vaping cessation £350 for 2hr protocol

After a the initial consultation our solution focused hypnotherapist will be able to advise if the client is suitable for this treatment, often the client may be experiencing a large amount of stress,  in which case the therapist will advise the reduction of the stress levels first in order to make the cessation work more effective. Then follows a single hypnotherapy session, lasting approx 2 hours and includes a recording that needs to be listen to for 21 days. 

Smoking cessation is one of the most popular and successful applications of hypnotherapy. The process involves several key mechanisms:

1. Altering the Smoking Habit:

Smoking is often a deeply ingrained habit, reinforced by repeated behaviours and psychological triggers. Hypnotherapy helps break this cycle by addressing the subconscious associations with smoking. For example, a smoker might associate smoking with relaxation or stress relief. Hypnotherapy can reprogram these associations, linking relaxation with healthier behaviours.

2. Boosting Motivation and Willpower:

During hypnosis, the therapist can instill strong, positive suggestions about the benefits of quitting smoking. These suggestions can enhance the individual's motivation and strengthen their resolve to quit. By reinforcing the reasons for quitting and highlighting the positive outcomes, hypnotherapy can boost willpower and commitment.

3. Managing Withdrawal Symptoms:

One of the biggest challenges in quitting smoking is managing withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, and cravings. Hypnotherapy can teach relaxation techniques and coping strategies to help manage these symptoms more effectively. By promoting a state of calm and control, it can reduce the discomfort associated with withdrawal.

4. Addressing Underlying Issues:

Often, smoking is a symptom of deeper emotional or psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can uncover and address these underlying issues, providing a more comprehensive approach to cessation. By resolving the root causes, it helps prevent relapse and supports long-term success.

5. Enhancing Self-Esteem and Confidence:

Quitting smoking can be a significant achievement that boosts self-esteem and confidence. Hypnotherapy can reinforce this positive self-image, encouraging individuals to maintain their smoke-free status and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Hypnotherapy offers a powerful and holistic approach to quitting smoking. By tapping into the subconscious mind, it can alter entrenched habits, boost motivation, manage withdrawal symptoms, and address underlying psychological issues. These benefits, combined with the overall mental and physical health improvements that hypnotherapy provides, make it an effective tool for achieving and maintaining a smoke-free life.

Please note...

The information on these pages does not constitute medical advise, if you are already taking medication or speaking with a medical professional, please discuss the use of Hypnotherapy with them.

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