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Terms & Conditions

Please review the T&Cs below, they are designed to protect you and by working with Joanna Allegra Madison you are agreeing to these conditions.

Therapists Responsibilities

•     To be available at the agreed time

  • To start and end on time (approx. 75 minutes per standard session, smoking and vaping cessations takes 2hrs)

•     To offer a quiet, appropriate and undisturbed space

•     To maintain safe, professional boundaries

•     To regard all contact and information as confidential unless he/she has reasonable doubt

        concerning the actual safety of the client or of others

•     To encourage client autonomy

•     To work within the regulatory bodies Ethical Framework (available upon request) including

        regular supervision

•    To review therapeutic work and relationship regularly

•    In the unlikely event of the therapist cancelling, an alternative appointment offered ASAP


Client Responsibilities

  • To attend punctually

  • To attend an initial consultation to discuss the approach and complete documentation required by governing body.

  • To give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice when cancelling/changing an appointment (or the full fee becomes payable).

  • To pay session fee in full at either prior to or immediately after each session

  • Communicating with the therapist outside of the agreed sessions to be limited to making, changing or cancelling an appointment unless by prior arrangement.

  • To be respectful to therapist and their property

  • To agree to give permission for the therapist to contact the client’s GP should he have serious concerns about risk to self (client) or to others

  • To discuss with the therapist when you feel reedy to end the therapeutic sessions. If you wish to discontinue your course of therapy, you do not have to give a reason. Following your last appointment, your rights of confidentiality are permanent. 

  • To let the therapist know if you are in or are considering another therapeutic relationship

Fee changes: The consultation fees are subject to reviews usually on an annual basis from 1st January. If you are already in treatment, price increases will not apply, however if treatment ends and a new treatment is requested. Notice will always be given of any price increases when you are in a course of therapy.

Medical Conditions: A brief questionnaire is part of the Initial Consultation to establish any contra-indications to treatment, this session is compulsory and is free of charge.

Results are not guaranteed, due to the uniqueness of individuals and their desire to change results vary.

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