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Weight loss £110 a session

After the free initial consultation the therapist will establish the goals with the client and how to approach the sessions. The sessions will last approx 75 minutes. The client is also given a recording to listen too each night to support the work that happens in session. Due to the variability of goals and motivators the length of treatment will vary.

Hypnotherapy is increasingly popular for addressing weight loss

Hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular method for addressing weight loss, offering a holistic approach that targets the subconscious mind to instill healthier habits and behaviors. This therapeutic technique can be particularly effective in helping individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight for several reasons.

Altering Eating Habits and Cravings

1. One of the primary ways hypnotherapy aids in weight loss is by altering unhealthy eating habits and reducing cravings. Many people struggle with overeating or consuming unhealthy foods due to subconscious triggers, such as stress, boredom, or emotional distress. Hypnotherapy works by reprogramming these triggers, helping individuals develop a healthier relationship with food. Through positive suggestions and guided visualization, it can reduce the desire for unhealthy foods and promote a preference for nutritious options.

2.  Enhancing Motivation and Self-Control

Hypnotherapy can significantly boost motivation and self-control, which are critical for successful weight loss. During hypnotherapy sessions, the therapist can implant positive affirmations and goals into the subconscious mind, strengthening the individual’s commitment to their weight loss journey. This heightened motivation helps individuals stick to their diet and exercise plans, making it easier to overcome obstacles and temptations.

3. Addressing Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a common barrier to weight loss, where individuals eat in response to their emotions rather than hunger. Hypnotherapy can identify and address the root causes of emotional eating by promoting relaxation and stress management techniques. By teaching individuals to cope with their emotions in healthier ways, hypnotherapy reduces reliance on food as a source of comfort, leading to more mindful eating habits.

4. Improving Self-Esteem and Body Image

Positive self-esteem and body image are essential components of a successful weight loss journey. Hypnotherapy can enhance self-confidence and body positivity by encouraging individuals to appreciate and respect their bodies. This improved self-image can motivate individuals to take better care of themselves and make healthier lifestyle choices.



Hypnotherapy offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss by addressing the psychological factors that contribute to unhealthy eating behaviors and weight gain. By altering eating habits, enhancing motivation, managing emotional eating, and improving self-esteem, hypnotherapy provides a powerful tool for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Please note...

The information on these pages does not constitute medical advise, if you are already taking medication or speaking with a medical professional, please discuss the use of Hypnotherapy with them.

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